Tips & Tricks

This is our page to share any useful tips and tricks you have for helping teachers hack digital learning. It can be a tool an interesting approach, anything at all.

Downloading YouTube Videos

There are often times when you want to embed the video in your powerpoint show or show it in the classroom and you are not sure of the wifi connection or possibly there is not going to be a connection. So how can you download the video. Below are some ways you can do it.
  • - all you have to do is copy the URL of the youtube video you are watching and paste it into this site. Then you can simply choose the size you want (normally choosing the top option is fine) and it will then save it to your local drive. You can also just save the audio track if you want.
  • MacX YouTube Downloader - as the name implies this only works on a Mac, however it is a great free tool that lets you easily download videos from YouTube.

URL Shorteners

Lots of sites, like polls give long links that pupils must enter in order to join the poll. One clever way to make it easier for people to enter is to use a url shortener. This takes a long url and converts it into a short version. There are other benefits of this too, such as being able to track how many people clicked the link. Here are some url shorteners.
  • - This is one of the most well known. You can use it without an account, but if you want to track clicks then you need an account. Also you can customise the url to be whatever you want. For example you can get to this site by simply typing in - (note: you can choose from a range of short versions such as or, etc.
  • - This is google's url shortener. It is easy to use, but unlike it does not let you customise your own url.