Online Courses

There are many places that provide either complete online courses or lessons. These are mostly video based but provide a great resource for teachers looking for content. While this in my definition, is not really using a digital pedagogy, as this could be done even with an old movie projector, it nonetheless provides opportunities to find stimulating multimedia for classes. Below are sites that offer online courses.

Khan Academy
This is one of the foremost sites providing a wide range of material for schools. It tends to focus on maths and science but is increasingly including arts and humanities too.
TED's tag line is "ideas worth spreading". While TED talks are not specifically aimed at schools the short approx. 15 min presentations are world class, and the speakers, without exception are inspiring and informative. These talks can provide a useful starting point for a class discussion or to further explore topics. The talks can also be downloaded from the site. Here are some inspiring talks you could use in your class - Why to believe in others, Ancient wonders, Kids taking charge, Live before you die,Einstein the parrot, Amazing origami,
Youtube Ed
YouTube has an education channel that has a specific category for primary and secondary schools. This is further broken down into subject areas so that teachers can see videos specific to subjects such as mathematics, history, science, geography, and others.
This site provides a huge amount of video resources aimed specifically at schools. It covers most subjects but also has some really useful filtering tools. So a teacher can filter based on an age range, grade or subject. The videos also have ratings
This site while not targeted at teachers offers a range of courses on everything from yoga to programming to cooking to marketing and more. While many of the courses are paid courses there are many courses that are also free. In addition many of the courses include notes, tests and other resources as part of the courses. Similar sites, but more at a university level are - Udacity,Coursera, and EdX
BBC Bitesize
This site provides study guides, activities, and clips based around the UK school syllabus. However there is lots of material that would be useful to any school. See for example video on cells and their function.
This is not a particular course but rather a collection of highly engaging activities developed by neuroscientists that encourages creative and logical thinking. Really useful to get the class engaged. Apps are also available for this both on iOS and Android.