Gamification is the process of adding a game type layer to a course. This can be done without technology by creating leaderboards in a classroom. However technology provides easier ways to keep track of the game. Typically gamification involves the use of leaderboards which show who is doing best in a course or activity or badges that are awarded to people for achieving certain levels or tasks. The following is an example of badges and a leaderboard where a course has been gamified along a business metaphor, where students are rise up the corporate ladder as they complete elements of the course.


See credly, which includes a mobile app, that allows for the easy creation and assigning of badges. Elements of ramification such as badges are also found in online learning environments such as Edmodo.

Adding a game element to Accounting - While this is not strictly gamification this online site created by the American Institute of CPAs has created a game out of learning accounting called Bank On It.