Digital Pedagogy

One of the most important lessons we are quickly (in some cases not quickly enough) learning is that we cannot simply copy our offline approaches to learning and paste them into online environments. Not only does this normally result in unsuccessful projects such as this huge iPad failure in Los Angeles, but it also robs us of the opportunity to use technology to open new opportunities for our teaching approaches.

To this end we need to explore a new digital pedagogy that will support online learning. The following model, developed by Craig Blewett shows the principles and four potentially new pedagogies for using technology to support learning.

Digital Pedagogy Model.png

Note: I have not created a separate section on assessment tools, as I believe while assessment is key to learning, this new pedagogy sees it as part of learning rather than a separate activity. This does not mean that there are no tools that can be used for summative assessment, however the pedagogy is more aligned to formative or integrated assessments. So for example there are various polls and quiz tools that can be used - however assessment is better enacted through conversation and content creation rather than simple multiple choice type questions.