Our Teachernology Classroom (Beta)*

We will be using this space for two main things. The first is to keep our notes about the various technologies we learn about on the Technology for Teachers workshop, and the second is to let you see how collaborative involvement around content creation works.

So...the most important lesson is that YOU are the content creator...and don't worry...even if you delete something by mistake, we can always get back. This is your space to make notes, jot down thoughts, etc...and we will all benefit from it.

The use of technology in teaching begins with changing our paradigm of teaching, and to inspire you please take the time to watch this amazing presentation by Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms.

There are many tools that can be used in helping support schools learn. Here is a great example of a school using a range of technologies for primary school children to learn a variety of subjects.

*This is a beta site...never right, but always improving. That after all is one of the central tenets of a digital pedagogy - correcting!